WGCM Infrastructure Panel


The WGCM Infrastructure Panel (WIP) coordinates the infrastructure supporting CMIP

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  • CMIP6 Technical information

    Note that this page is a work in progress and suggestions for improvement/additions are welcome

    This page provides links to technical and scientific information about CMIP6

    CMIP6 Science definition

    AR6 data information

    CMIP6 Guidance

    Data availability and summary information

    ESGF search indices

    CMIP6 Data Request

    The CMIP6 data request defines all the quantities from CMIP6 simulations that should be archived. This includes both quantities of general interest needed from most of the CMIP6-endorsed model intercomparison projects (MIPs) and quantities that are more specialized and only of interest to a single endorsed MIP. The complexity of the data request has increased from the early days of model intercomparisons, as has the data volume. In contrast with CMIP5, CMIP6 requires distinct sets of highly tailored variables to be saved from each of the more than 300 experiments.

    For full details see the CMIP6 data request page


    The Climate Model Output Rewriter (CMOR) is a library of tools for writing standards compliant data for publication to projects such as CMIP6. It provides interfaces in C, Fortran 90 and Python. For information on CMOR and associated MIP tables see the CMOR and MIP tables page.


    ES-Doc provides a number of services to CMIP6 participants and data users;

    1This service is due to be extended in late 2021 to allow data users to post errata.

    Citation services

    DataCite DOIs are registered on two data collection granularities: data contributed by a modeling group to an experiment and data contributed by a modeling group to a MIP. The citation services enable data users to credit data providers by citing the data in their studies. The service provides a number of services for data providers and data users, including the accessibility of data citation information in the ESGF portals and the standalone Citation Search. Detailed information is available at: http://cmip6cite.wdc-climate.de .

    Persistent Identifiers

    Each file published is required to have a unique tracking_id as a global attribute. These IDs can be found from the PID section of the ESGF search results, e.g. hdl:21.14100/b0857338-4f4d-3ac3-8d5e-6ded5b8894d3 and can be resolved via http://hdl.handle.net/ to give information on where the corresponding file / data set can be found.

    CMIP6 Publication hub

    Authors can find and add references to papers using CMIP6 data via the Publication hub.